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The Holiday Season 休み季節

The Holiday Season

November and December are known as the holiday season in many western countries because there are many different holidays during these months like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years.
In the U.S., Thanksgiving is a time for family to get together and celebrate the beginnings of life for Europeans in America. The first Thanksgiving was a feast of thanks for the Indians for teaching Pilgrims how to grow food and survive the winter in America. Now we often gather together and have a big meal, usually serving turkey or ham as the main course.
Hanukkah is the eight day Jewish Festival of Lights. Long ago in Jerusalem, the Greeks made the Jews worship Greek Gods, but many Jews didn’t want to, so they fought the Greeks. After many years of fighting, the Jews beat the Greeks and returned to Jerusalem. When they came back they had a celebration and wanted to light the menorah (a candelabrum used to light the temple), but there was only enough oil for one night. Amazingly, the oil lasted for eight nights, so now we celebrate Hanukkah by lighting candles in a menorah every night for eight nights.
In Japan, especially in big cities, Christmas time is a time for love and dating. This is not the case in most western countries. In the West, Christmas, much like Thanksgiving, is a time for family and friends to come together and spend time with each other. Every country has different traditions, but the most common ones are the Christmas tree, opening presents, and a Christmas Eve dinner.
New Years is also very different in Western countries. Unlike Japan, New Years is a time for big parties with your friends. It is a night where you can do whatever you like and going on dates and to dances are very popular. You could say that in the West, Christmas is like a Japanese New Years, and New Years is like a Japanese Christmas.
Whatever you do this holiday season, make sure you have a good time doing it!




  • Happy Holidays! (ハッピー・ハロディズ!) 幸せな休み時間を過しましょう!

  • Merry Christmas! (メリー・クリスマス!) クリスマスおめでとう!

  • Happy Hanukkah! (ハッピー・ハヌカー) ハヌカーおめでとう!

  • Happy New Year! (ハッピー・ニュー・イエヤ) お正月おめでとう!

  • The Holiday Season is upon us! (ザ・ハロディ・シソン・イズ・アポン・アス!) 休み季節に来た!

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