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the Trev Report (07/07/2004)

Here is your monthly helping of sweet sweet Trev Report!

Hello everyone and welcome once again to your monthly Trev Report. This month's report is brought to you by Aréka, makers of "Kafe-latte" naturally flavored coffee candies. Buy a tin today! And now onto this month's report!

Trev's Lovelife (and Trip to America)
Signe ( ) is doing well. We are actually in America right now for a three week visit to Washington state, and California. For the last week we have been at Signe's parent's house in Nordland, WA (near the scenic town of Port Townsend, WA). My dad came up from California to celebrate the fourth of July with us and we have had a few great parties while we have been here. We are going to be attending two weddings in the next two weeks. Danielle and Johan are getting married 7/10 in Olympia, WA and Signe is going to be taking the pictures for the event. Signe's mother will also be in attendance as the musician (Signe's mother, Paula Lalish, is an amazing harpist). Afterwards we will be spending time with Scott Francis's family on the East side (Redmond/Bellevue area), and then head to my Uncle Floyd's house to stay for a few nights and visit the Else (my mother's maiden name) side of the family living in Washington.
After that Signe and I will head down to the Bay Area in California for about 5 days, which will be very busy. The first couple of days we will be having dinner with our friends from No-Name Anime ( ) and FanimeCon ( ). I will also be heading down to my old place of work, RedOctane ( ) to say hello to everyone at my favorite company in America. We also plan to have lunch with my Dad a couple times as well.
After all of that I have to get into the roll of Best Man for the wedding of Mike Chu ( ) and Tina. That will be great fun since I haven't been a Best Man before. After that we will head up to Seattle for one more day, stay with Brian Jennings ( ) and Frank Webber and then head back to the land of the rising sun!
Signe and I are bearing well through the trip. The usual ups and downs of traveling are happening to us, but we are getting through them just fine. I am very glad that we are in this thing together. It is making me feel a lot better to have Signe with me through all of this.

Trev's Work
Work is going fantastic! I have been selected to be a Jet Programme ( ) Tokyo Orientation Assistant (TOA). That means I will be one of the people that new JET programme participants will see when they step off the plane in Tokyo, and I will be helping out with the first of two 3000-person conferences to be held in Tokyo when I get back to Japan. I really miss working with large events like FanimeCon, so I am really looking forward to doing this one too! It is a weeklong conference starting about 3 days after I return from America. I will be running two panels (Japanese Popular Culture, and Driving In Japan) as well as introducing 24 new programme members to the wonderful world of Shimane, Japan ( ). I can't wait!
As for school, I unfortunately had to leave for vacation during the last month of the first semester, so when I get back it will be summer break. The next time I will see my kids will be second semester in last August. I miss being at school and am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I can't believe that it has been almost one year since Signe and I started the programme. With any luck I will be on it for many more years to come.

Trev's Japanese
Well, going to a country where nobody speaks Japanese at all doesn't help my language skills all that much, but I have been keeping up my journal in Japanese everyday, which helps, and I bought a couple study books for the trip, filled with good intention, but most of you know how that goes (studying while on vacation isn't one of my strong points). I also signed up for the Advanced Japanese Language Course offered by CLAIR ( ), which is the parent organization for the JET Programme. I am a little scared about taking it, since it is all in Japanese, but I intend to do my best! In any case, I will just keep going at it and try my best. I know that given enough time, I will be able to improve.

Trev's Computers
Last I checked my precious computer is A-OK at home, waiting for our return. Since the last report nothing too drastic has been happening. I am still playing Achaea ( ) whenever I get a chance. It is a really fun game and good to play when I just want to space out and relax. Besides that, everything is solid as a rock. I had to reinstall Cygwin ( ) because of something I messed up, but that is about it. I really want to get into playing around with programming again, but it doesn't seem in the cards. I have a pretty good feeling that I will never enter the computer science arena ever again, but we will see.

Trev's Anime
Like I mentioned before, I will be presenting a panel on Japanese Popular Culture at the Tokyo Orientation, but it seems that I am very out of the loop these days. I don't watch any TV anymore, except for foreign movies, and I don't even read that much comics. I subscribe to Newtype, and that is the only way I can find out what is popular with the kids/fans in Japan right now (Gundam SEED, and Full Metal Alchemist are the really popular ones at the moment). I am a little worried about doing the panel, but I will get through it somehow. I would love to get back into anime and comics, and all the nerdy cool stuff I used to get really excited about, but there aren't too many people I know that are into those things these days, and one of the main reasons I liked it so much was because of being around others like me. Oh well. I am sure it is just a phase, who knows, I might be right back into it all again next month, we will see.

That's about it for this short but sweet Trev Report from the old US of A. Be sure to check us out on the World Wide Web at for more fun. Until next time this is your friendly neighborhood Trev signing of and wishing you all a fair well!

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