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the Trev Report (08/09/2004)

Well, it's that time again. I welcome you all to read the Trev Report of the month of August!

Hello everybody and welcome once again to your monthly fun time Trev
Report of fun! Wherein you will find out about what I have been up to in
the last month or so. Now, on to the report!

Trev's Lovelife
Signe ( ) and I have been having a goos time in
the last month. We have been to America and back, partied hard, and rock
rocked on! The trip to America went well. We attended both weddings (see ) and they went off without
a hitch. At Mike ( ) Chu's wedding we got to visit
with a lot of old friends from high school. Those guys are a wild bunch
to say the least. Our time in California was short and every day was
packed with things to do and people to see. It was an unfortunately
short period of time to stay and visit the area. Right before we
returned we visited Brian ( ) Jennings, Frank,
Jason, and Sarah up in Seattle before heading out. Since we have come
back Signe and I have been going on little outings to big cities and the
such together and having a generally good time. She has made some new
good friends with the new English teachers that have come to our
prefecture in the last two weeks. Speaking of...

Trev's Work
The Tokyo Orientation was a blast! (see ) I felt like I was running
a con again. I really miss doing convention work, and being staff at the
Orientation was great fun. I was in charge of two panels, "Japanese
Popular Culture" and "Driving In Japan." I was told by many people after
the conference that the J-Pop lecture I gave was the most interesting
and useful at the entire conference. Besides the panels I gave, I was
also in charge of the 24 new English teachers that were coming to my
prefecture (Shimane, ). They are all great people
and I am looking forward to hanging out with all of them more during the
next year. We have already had two welcome events with them all in the
last couple of weeks, including a wonderful fireworks festival in the
Prefectural Capital, Matsue. I am also looking into a new position for
next year. The Prefectual Advisor (PA) will be leaving next year, and I
would really like to get that position. The PA is mostly a couseler for
the English teachers in the prefecture, answering questions and helping
people with their problems. On top of this, the PA also plans events,
like the Mid-Year conference, the Prefectural Orientation (which is
coming up later this month), and parties, etc. for the English teachers
in the area. I am very exited about applying for this position, but I
think the competition will be tough, so I am not holding my hopes high,
but I will do my best for sure!
For the last week or so we have been very busy in the Board of Education
in town. The All Japan High School Sports Competition is being held in
Shimane this year and our town, Akagi, was host to the Mountaineering
competition. So all of us at the Board of Education have been working
hard preparing for the event, facilitating the event, and breaking
everything down afterwards. The Mountaineering event ended on the 6th of
August, but there are many sports competitions going on until the end of
the month here in Shimane. We did a lot of moving boxes, chairs,
flowers, etc. to make the place really nice looking for the athletes. I
think we did it up pretty nice. It felt good afterwards, seeing it all
come together so perfectly.

Trev's Japanese
Right before I went to America I picked up two books to study Japanese,
but I am just now getting around to using them. It is silly, but I
always think it is a good idea to study during a vacation, but it never
happens. In any case, I am back to the grindstone these days. Actually,
I have found a great monthly magazine for people that want to learn
Japanese, it is called the "Nihongo Journal"
( ). I have been reading it
for the past week and I really like it. The Japanese in it is
challenging, but not over the top, and the way it goes about teaching
you (with a CD included) makes self-study a breeze. I highly recommend
it if you are interested in studying the language. I have just started
subscribing through my local book store. Signe is showing an active
interest in learning Japanese as well, which is great. With any luck she
will be able to find a tutor soon that can help her study. Self-study
can be pretty tough. I have to admit, if I didn't often have a lot of
free time at work to study Japanese I would find it difficult to do.

Trev's Computers
While we were in America some moisture got into my computer and one of
my pieces of RAM got fried. Of course, since I am a moron, I ended up
reinstalling the OS before I realised that it was a hardware problem. I
felt like a real goofball. In any case, we got a new piece of RAM and
now the computer is 5 by 5 again, although we were running on half the
RAM for a couple of weeks there, which is the antithesis of fun. I am
still playing Achaea ( ) whenever I get a chance
and it seems that a friend of mine has started up as well, but I never
see him when I jump on. I will continue to hack away though. I recently
got into as well. It is a pretty
interesting and cool site that is full of riddles and clues you have to
figure out to get to the next page. Unfortunately, there are many forums
out there with the answers to all the riddles, making it less fun, but
still quite interesting to try to figure out.

Trev's Anime
Man, I felt out of it when I was giving the J-Pop lecture at the Tokyo
Orientaion, but I guess I know enough to get by, thanks to the power of
subscribing to Newtype every month. I'm toying with the idea of watching
an anime series, but if I do I think that I will gunbust (Gunbuster 2
looks like it will be cool) through one like I did Gundam SEED (which
will have a spin off show on TV soon called Gundam SEED DESTINY), but we
will see. Signe is currently playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and I am
into Castelvania: Aria of Sarrow. I am also reading The Diamond Age by
Neal Stephenson (finally) and am loving it, so it might be a while until
I watch another series. Speaking of watchig stuff, Signe and I just
watched the Japanese version of Harry Potter 3 in a theater, it was
pretty cool listening to everyones voices in Japanese.

Trev's One Point Japanese Lesson
So you want to learn Japanese? Cool! How about transportation verbs!

(somewhere) e ikimasu. (I am going (somewhere).)
(somewhere) e kimasu. (Someone is coming (somewhere).)
Uchi e kaerimasu. (I am going home. lit. I am returning home.)

Well, that is about it for this time. I hope that you all are fairing
well and I look forward to hearing from all of you in the future. Be
sure to check us out on the World Wide Web at
for more fun. Until next time this is Trevor himself signing off.

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