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Google Maps is awesome. グーグル地図がすごい。

Google Maps is awesome. グーグル地図がすごい。

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My domicile (僕の住所)

That is where my house is. I am typing from that location right now. That is the definition of awesome.

  • Wow, that really is very awesome. I love how much green there is!

    P.S. I'm starting to narrow down dates to visit Japan. I'll most likely be down in the southern area towards the end of April, so is the offer to visit with you guys for a few days (2-4? I don't know what your schedule is like), still available? I'd love to just hang out and relax since it's rare to be able to enjoy inaka life! Afterwhich, I'm thinking to head over to Janelle's and go to Hiroshima with her. Of course, you guys are more than invited along for that one day trip! (It's not even an overnight trip.) :D

    So, how -does- one get to where you live? ^^;; (We can talk over email?)
    • My house is your house. I am excited that you will be coming down. I would like to go to Hiroshima with you guys, too, if it is possible that weekend. I ahven't seen Himene in a long time, actually.
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