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AniKi Content Contest

AniKi Content Contest

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We at AniKi are holding a monthly contest to get people to write content for our Anime Wiki, AniKi. The person with the most new pages created with meaningful content each month will win a prize direct from Japan!

The deadline for the contest will be the 21st of each month. You can check out Aniki at http://trevreport.org/aniki/wiki.pl?AniKi

The prize for October is a Gundam Seed Zippo Lighter!

Good luck everyone!

Take care,
  • Man, you mean I'll have to learn wikki?!? You know I'm phobic of creating things and learning new languages! I'm having enough trouble re-learning how to be student again! J/K!!! I may need to give it a try one of these days....
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