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10月15日金曜 天気:晴れ 行事:小田小の日

10月15日金曜 天気:晴れ 行事:小田小の日

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Today's Kanji
  • Meaning (意味): right
  • Chinese Reading (音読み): ユウ
  • Japanese Reading (訓読み): みぎ
Vocabulary (単語): 右折(うせつ)、右派(うは)、右翼(うよく)

Today's Journal


Today was really fun. I taught English at Oda Elementary School. My favorite days are those when I go to the elementary schools. The children always have a lot of energy. They make me energetic. That being so, after lunch I got a headache from the cold I am still fighting. After classes, I went home early and got some rest. This evening Signe's parents are coming here from America. Hooray!
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  • ARGH! I am only a beginner Japanese student. I cannot read 90% of what you have written there. Lessee... random Hiragana... "no"..."de"...to"... "shi"...."ha"..."tsu"...."ga".... etc......

    Are you wearing a face mask in school, since you have a cold? ^^
    • All you can do is keep trying with it. I started with nothing but an obsession with Japanese cartoons, and I have come this far from that. You can do it! がんばってください!(Ganbatte kudasai!)
  • kanji

    where do u get al these kanji of the day???from a website? can u send it to me?
    its a good way to study.....!
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