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If I can でければ

If I can でければ

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Journal for 2006-5-22 Mon..
Weather: Sunny Plan: Akagi JHS

We found out where Signe will be placed starting in August. She is going to be my successor. We were very surprised. It is a good situation, but if I take an elementary school ALT position in Shimane Prefecture, Signe and I will not be able to live together because the closest town with an elementary school position is an hour and a half away by car. That doesn't seem to be a problem for most Japanese people, but it is a problem for us, so I will probably turn down the elementary school position. In its stead, I want to start working as a private ALT in the same place Signe is working right now...if I can.

天気: 晴 行事: 赤来中


Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): money, goods

Chinese Reading (音読み):
Reading Romaji
Vocabulary (単語):
Word Reading Romaji Translation
貨車かしゃkashafreight car
金貨きんかkinkagold coin

Trevor Lalish-Menagh
  • That's pretty cool...I mean, that Signe is your successor. LOL. Awesome :)
    • (Anonymous)
      I know, pretty weird, huh? It is a mixed blessing. We will be able to keep up our current budget, which is pretty awesome, but we will still be 1 1/2 hours from anything and have a ton of snow to shovel in the winter.

      All in all, not too bad. :)
  • Does that mean that I'm off the hook for helping you move? *woohoo*

    I mean... uhh... it's rad that they're keeping the family in town. Are you going to start hanging around the town's highschool in order to harass/stalk/scare your old Jr. High students? (you should)
    • Hehe, I should, but only after not bathing for a few days to get that greasy slimball look perfected. "Helllllo ladies!"

      Man, we still have to clean out your room. It is crazy go nuts messy right about now.
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