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Life is a highway 命は道だよ


My life has seemed busy lately, but actually is has been quite relaxed. About a month ago I took my work computer home with me. I thought that with the computer in front of me all day I didn't get anything done, and with it gone I could get more work done. But, alas, that has not been the case. These days I spend a lot of time just reading the news, but I often think that there is no point to it. My results for the Foreign Service Written Exam are one month off and of course whether I pass or I fail, I will need to be up to date with all the global news of the day, but only reading news is tiring. Anyway, there isn't really any problem, but I think I might need a vacation. So, from the end of July to the end of August I will be going overseas with an ALT friend of mine. We are going to Thailand and some other southeast Asian countries. My job here ends at the end of next month, so having a long vacation before I start my next one sounds like a good idea. It really is a shame, but Signe won't be able to come with us. The reason being that starting at the beginning of August she will be taking over my position here in Iinan working at Akagi JHS and the various elementary schools in town. My next job will be in the nearby city of Miyoshi as either an ALT to replace Signe (that is where she currently works) or as a Coordinator of International Relations, but the plans for that are not set in stone yet. Anyway, that is what I have been thinking about these days. What do you think?

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