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10月22日金曜 天気:晴れ 行事:赤名小

10月22日金曜 天気:晴れ 行事:赤名小

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Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): flower

Chinese Reading (音読み):
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Japanese Reading (訓読み):
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Vocabulary (単語):
Word Reading Romaji Translation 
花壇かだんkadanflower bed
花瓶かびんkabinflower vase
生花せいかseikaflower arrangement

Today's Journal


Today I had fun at Akana elementary school. The children wer very lively. Akana elementary has the most kids of all the elementary schools in Akagi. There is 77 kids. There was one more special person that came today. He is called Mr. Dandy, and he is a music pro! He brought and played many different musical instruments. After school I went to the board of education and prepared for this weekend's big event, "Challenge Cycling."
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  • Point of interest: My Chinese-American husband didjiman says that in modern Mandarin it's "hua" and in Cantonese it's "fa". ^^

    Certainly it's most likely the "Ka" in the "Karisu" flower name (bottlebrush & a couple other types of red colored fireworks-spray-style flower, apparently), but I don't know how to write the "risu" part (I'm not sure if it IS the same as the word for "squirrel" りす.)
  • Challenge Cycling? Is that anything like the trike competitions we had in kindergarten where you followed the painted railroad tracks? Come to think of it now as an adult (sorta) riding a bike on tracks is kinda dangerous...
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