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Independence 独立

Independence 独立

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Journal for 2006-7-4 Tue..
Weather: Cloudy   Plan: Akagi JHS

Today is a holiday in the U.S., but it is just another day in Japan. It is the U.S. Independence Day. The U.S. declared our independence from the U.K. 230 years ago today. Many fireworks will be seen in the sky over the U.S. tonight, but not here. Actually, last weekend we got to see a lot of beautiful fireworks for the Akana-area Mid-summer Festival. Please enjoy the Independence Day "Festivals" for me if you are in the U.S. tonight!

天気: 雲 行事: 赤来中


Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): machine

Chinese Reading (音読み):
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Vocabulary (単語):
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Trevor Lalish-Menagh
  • Akagi cho

    Hi Trev
    Was an ALT from 97 - 99 and used to visit Iinan Kouko once a week. The CIR in your spot at the time was Scot Ritchie. I see that you visit the high school sometimes. Is Yamada sensei still there? Do they not get visits from the Daito-cho ALT anymore?

    Kirsten Windelov
    • Re: Akagi cho

      Hi Kirsten,

      The Daito SHS ALT still goes to Iinan HS once a week. Her name is Leslie. As for the teachers, I do not go there often enough to know them all, but if you email me at jumex at trevreport d0t org then I will send you Leslie's contact information.

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