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the Trev Report Golden Week Extravaganza Final Issue

We have finally reached the 6th and final issue of the Trev Report Golden Week Extravaganza! Thanks for reading thus far. Sit back and enjoy the final installment.

Brian and Esmeralda's Murder Mystery Madness

We stayed over night with a friend and the next day we relaxed at their place watched a couple movies and took a walk. Saturday afternoon, though, was dedicated to preparing for the murder mystery games that was being held at our friend's house that evening. Many people showed up in costume, and the event started around 7:30 with all of us getting our background and mission files. The setting was a playhouse, and the murder victim was the star of the show!

I was the good Mr. Brian Booth (, an actor and partner in a business venture that went belly up right before the murder victim, who was not too nice of a guy, did the same. Signe was the star of the play, Esmeralda (, and was having a love affair with the victim. She hated another character, who was also sleeping with the victim, and they were bitter rivals (
The murder mystery unfolded in three acts. We were all given three objectives. The first was to find out who did it, the second was to either sell or acquire the autographs of famous people, and the third was to bribe the manager of the theater (on the left: to be named the playhouse's employee of the year. We all started out with some things, I started out with $20. I bought some information, but I ended up getting a valuable piece of information early on about the autographs and was able to get enough money selling information to achieve the third goal of bribing the pants off the manager.

As the first act ended, the stage producer dies ( by the same means as the first victim. The second act opened with a policeman (played by the same person) coming and giving us more information about the death. It turned out that he was poisoned while we were on stage performing the play. We spend some more time talking with each other, either secretly or in groups, eavesdropping, and speculating on the murders during dinner, which was served at the start of the second act.

The third and final act started with us all getting yet more information about both murders. There were at least three separate main plotlines and various subplots going on all the time, and it was hard to get all the information out of everybody, especially the murderer themselves. So we all reenacted the scene of the play that was being performed when the first murder occurred (

In the end, it was not a sordid love triangle (Signe's plot) or a botched business deal (my plot), that did the victim in. The murder was actually an up-and-coming actress (on the right: whose dreams were slashed abruptly when the victim badmouthed her to some prominent industry people because she refused his advances.

A few people got the right solution and prizes were given out to the winners. It was a really fun night and we all had a really good time role-playing and trying to solve the crime. I was worried that most of the people would not take it serious enough, and it would be a wash, but I was pleasantly surprised at how into it everyone was. I hope we get the chance to do something like this again sometime, it worked out really well.

With that our Golden Week Extravaganza came to a close. We headed back home that night for some much needed rest and relaxation on Sunday before we returned to "real life" on Monday. It was a great vacation, and not too expensive. I am glad that we were able to really explore all the areas around our home here.

Trev's Games

Signe and I have been having a great time with our new XBOX 360. It has been working fine since we got it back from the repair center in the U.S. Signe has become quite good at the puzzle game Hexic HD, and often plays it. I really like playing Dead Or Alive 4, and the joysticks I bought for the game really add to the game play. We are also both really enjoying Condemned, which is a sort of horror mystery first person game. I would call it a first person shooter, but most of the weapons are melee, not guns, although some do exist in the game. I have also been on and off of Achaea ( lately, but I haven't dedicated too much time to it as of late due to our increasingly failing broadband connection. I really miss getting together and playing board games, which we did a lot of a few years ago. Perhaps when we move we will develop a more regular games group like we had back then.

Trev's TV

I am a dirty content-loving fool. I have gotten hooked on The West Wing, which recently ended. Signe and I have not seen the final season yet, but we are looking forward to watching it soon. There is nothing like a presidential drama to get one more interested in politics, and it has been doing the trick with me ( Signe and I are still keeping up with Lost and Desperate Housewives. Although I am a little embarrassed about the latter, the former is a truly awesome show, and I cannot wait until the next season. Battlestar Galactica (BSG) is still my favorite show running right now. The new season starts in October, but there are rumors of a 10-episode web-only show to tide us fan over, and another show that will be based on the BSG world of 50 years prior to the current events planned to come out. With al this BSG goodness, I cannot help but think that the sci-fi reign of Stargate is finally coming to an end.

That is it for this time. If you have some free time. Drop me a line. I would love to hear from you!

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