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Foreign Service Written Exam...FAILED! アメリカ合衆国外交官ペーパーテスト...失敗した!

Foreign Service Written Exam...FAILED! アメリカ合衆国外交官ペーパーテスト...失敗した!

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Well, I failed the FSWE this year. I just found out about it right now. I'll send in a score breakdown request, but I was hoping I did well on it. In any case, there is always next year! You may console me now.

  • Bummer. They obviously don't know what they're missing :) Still, good for you for even attempting it. Best of luck next time around!
    • Thanks Ben! I'll do even better next time. Hey, are you still at the radio station?
      • Yep. I don't plan on leaving there unless I either win the lottery or get a crazy better job offer (unlikely). And honestly, even if I won the lottery, I'd still hang onto at least one shift at the station just because it's fun :)
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