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Foreign Service Written Exam...FAILED! アメリカ合衆国外交官ペーパーテスト...失敗した!

Foreign Service Written Exam...FAILED! アメリカ合衆国外交官ペーパーテスト...失敗した!

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Well, I failed the FSWE this year. I just found out about it right now. I'll send in a score breakdown request, but I was hoping I did well on it. In any case, there is always next year! You may console me now.

  • *mega-sad-face*

    We're all rooting for you here in Seattle, so don't give up, buddy! Fight! For everlasting (foreign service) justice!
    • Re: *mega-sad-face*

      Thanks Scott. I'll keep at it for sure. I just need to study a lot more it seems.

      How is life treating you in Seattle these days?
      • Re: *mega-sad-face*

        More ennui at work, but increasingly better personal life. Taking some art classes this summer, so I've been busy.

        Also, it is hotter than Satan's toenail by Seattle standards, and the Gekkeikan single-serve I bought on a lark is probably not going to help. :(
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