trv (trevmex) wrote,

Trev and Mateo's trip to SE Asia Day 1

Well, my friend Mateo and I are off to South East Asia starting today. It is a one month trip with little to no plan (although we will probably go visit Angor Wat (sp?)).

Today Signe (~.~) drove us down to Miyoshi and saw us off the bus to Shin Osaka. We got there around 1 or 2 pm and proceeded to Kyoto where our hostel, Uno House, is. We wondered around for a while and I bought a desposable camera. My plan, that Mateo inspired, is to take a picture a day each day of the trip. Today's picture was of me next to the three wanted Aum Terrorists from the subway sarin (sp?) gas bombing about 7-8 years ago. The heads of the criminals were on cardboard body cutouts. Good times.

Tomorrow we wake up early to get a train to the airport and this time tomorrow I should be sitting in a hostel (guesthouse) in Bangkok.

Until then,
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