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Day 17: The boredom of Koh Tao

Day 17: The boredom of Koh Tao

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Well, today was our first full day on Koh Tao. It started off very poorly, actually. I was being bitten by one sort of bug or another all night, and barely got any sleep at all. I was up for hours trying to get to sleep and ignore the painful itching as even more bugs bit me. It was maddening.

Mateo didn't sleep well either and we have been short with each other all day, which is no good. That isn't to say that we are mad at each other, we are just tired and grumpy. We gamaned though, and made it through the day without killing each other.

The day itself was uneventful. It turns out that Koh Tao really is only for diving. The beaches are barren most of the day and even if they were not, the water is so shallow and coral-ridden, that swimming is next to impossible. We did get out some and read, though, and that was nice. We went into the water a few times, as well, and that tended to relieve our stress.

I think tomorrow we will rent a sea kayak and tool around the island, so that will be a nice change of pace, assuming that we can sleep well tonight, although I'm not holding out hope for that.

We are looking into going to some of the bigger islands, like Koh Samui, in a few days. They are less geared towards divers, so with any luck there will be more beach-type things to do there.

This evening we watched a bad bootleg of X-Men III with dinner. Most of the restaurants in the area show bootlegs with dinner, so that ended up being our big event for the day. The quality was pretty poor though, so I wouldn't mind watching it when it comes to the theaters in Japan.

This is a short report day since I am still tired, and a bit grumpy, so I'm off to a shower and bed. Wish me better tidings for tomorrow!

Until then, take care.

  • I'm sorry you got bitten and became grumpy :(
    I'm sorry I wasn't home when you messaged me either. I went to an outing with newbies in Unnan (onsen and dinner).

    Try to look for some bug repellant for tomorrow. I hate to think you will be that uncomfortable on such a beautiful place. Also, you might want to think about renting a scooter like the jerky rich people (if it isn't too unreasonable). It was one of the best things I did on corfu in greece (which is also a party island). It was so great to be able to explore everywhere without having time constraints. Highly recommended.

    Love you.

    Ps- it's ok for you and matt to do things seperatly sometimes too. You do need a little time apart every now and then. Evn if it is just a morning walk or something.
    • I think you have a good point about doing things aparty sometimes. We are actually apart right now (he is looking into movies for tonight).

      We might get motorbikes on Koh Phangan, but I'm not sure yet. Thanks for the advice. ~.~
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