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Day 18: The relaxation of Koh Tao

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I slept much better, although the bugs still seem to love me to death.

Mateo’s day started at 1 in the morning as he couldn’t sleep, so he headed out for a snack and to see what the nightlife is like on the island. He said it was pretty cool, but nothing too exciting. One thing he talked about was fire-twirling locals and the trance music. I think that stuff would be pretty fun, but maybe not so much for us budget-minded folk (drinks at bars are pricey).

I started my day around noon. We both slept in a lot and before we left the bungalow we are staying in, we did some reading and relaxed some. We had breakfast down the road and headed off to take care of some business: reserving our bungalow for another night and buying tickets for the boat ride to Koh Phangan tomorrow morning.

We have had enough of Koh Tao and have decided to move onto the next (and much larger) island in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan. We were originally thinking of heading down to the largest and most popular of the three, Koh Samui, but Mateo was reading up on Koh Phangan and discovered that it is about the same as Koh Samui, as far as beach, things to do, etc. goes so we are going to hang out there instead.

After the business was done we had lunch and relaxed a bit as a cool breeze came in to the island, relaxing the both of us. Looking at the small tourist map we were provided with as we lighted the catamaran, we noticed that there is a “whale skeleton” on the island up near the mountains. Slightly excited to see this, we headed off.

The hike wasn’t much at all, and took us only a little ways out of town to a small hillside resort that had a whale skeleton on display at their bar. I was expecting something a bit more exotic and was pleasantly unimpressed. We were both quite humored about the absurdness of the whale skeleton, it being only a gimmick to get people to spend money at the hotel bar.

We gave in though, since the bar looked nice. They had some newish-looking bean bags out and the view of the ocean was marvelous, so we sat down and ordered a couple chocolate shakes and relaxed for a few hours reading, looking at the scenery, and listening to music.

I am almost through “A History of Cambodia,” which is providing very interesting, even though it is a bit dense in parts, and some of the terms they use (what is the Marxist-Leninist theory of history?) are a bit over my Computer Science degree head.

I had to put my book down though when the first Weezer album started coming through o their old crackling speakers. That album always reminds me of high school, and I really like all the songs on it, so I relaxed to Weezer and my high school memories as I gazed upon the beautiful setting sun on the Gulf of Thailand. THIS is the vacation I have been looking for for the last two weeks. Finally, I had felt relaxed, like one should (at least for a little bit) on vacation.

With any luck we will have a few more days like this before we have to head up to Chiang Mai and the intense two-day trekking trip we intend to take up there before heading back to Bangkok for four days and then home to Japan.

One thing I am a bit worried about is my work visa for Japan. The paperwork, I found out today, is still being processed in Japan, and the very last chance I have to get it here to Thailand in time is the morning of Monday, Aug. 21. If I don’t get it by then I will have to return to Japan on a tourist visa. That isn’t a big deal, but it just means that I will not be able to work right away, which isn’t the best of scenarios.

Until next time, take care.

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