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Intense 激しい

Journal for 2006-9-25 Mon..
Weather: Sunny   Plan: Mirasaka Ele.

The only class I had on Friday was my “nobinobi” class for the slow learners because the English teacher at Sakugi JHS was away on business. Even though there are only two kids in the class, we are able to understand some simple English while playing some fun games. I tried to interact with the students during break times, but it was a little hard because I couldn’t think of any interesting things to talk about.

I went to the Kimita JHS/Elementary School Sports Day on Sunday. I always feel a bit jealous when I watch a Sports Day because we don’t have anything like it in the U.S. They are really fun. Kimita’s is a bit odd, though, because the JHS and Elementary school have their Sports Day together. Usually the schools would have separate Sports Days, but I imagine that among the reasons they choose to combine them about ten years ago are that the schools are so small and the buildings are right next to each other. It’s interesting.

My second day at Mirasaka Elementary School is over. It was fun, but I always walk into the classroom with real high energy, so much so that one teacher commented that I was very “hageshii.” This Japanese adjective has a few meanings including “intense” and “violent.” I don’t know if they meant it in the good way or the bad way, but I do try to be intense in the classroom. In any case, when I’m in class the kids smile and laugh, and I hear at the end of class “ah, it’s over already? That was too fast!” It makes me feel like I’m doing me job right!

天気: 晴 行事: 三良坂小




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軍拡ぐんかくgunkakumilitary expansion

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