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Stomach Flu ノロウイルス

Stomach Flu ノロウイルス

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Journal for 2006-12-1 Fri..
Weather: Rainy   Plan: Home in Bed

I felt real bad yesterday morning, so I took the day off and went to the doctor's. He told me I have the stomach flu, gave me a big shot, three days of medicine and sent me home to rest. He told me to rest for 3 days, but I felt fine this morning and went to work. That was a mistake. Around 1st period I started feeling crappy, and ended up going home around 10 am. I really hate taking days off. I always feel like I am letting down my coworkers when I do so.

天気: 雨 行事: 家で休み


Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): concern, barrier

Chinese Reading (音読み):
Reading Romaji 
Japanese Reading (訓読み):
Reading Romaji 
Vocabulary (単語):
Word Reading Romaji Translation 
関節かんせつkansetsu(body) joints

Trevor Lalish-Menagh

  • Just wondering, do you talk to the doctor and hospital staff entirely in Japanese? I use mostly Japanese and hand gestures when I go see a doctor, but I use some English words when I don't know the Japanese equivalent.

    Oh, and it should probably be "命令された" as in "I was given orders" otherwise it sounds like you gave the order. :)
    • Thanks for the order tip. I felt that I botched that somehow. :)

      When I go to the doctor I usually use Japanese and gestures as well, but sometimes katakana English when I must. Most doctors have some English knowledge, so I have found it is not a big deal.

      Signe had a bad experience once where the doctor refused to listen to her in Japanese and demanded she speak English. I wasn't there but she said he was really rude about it. I haven't ever got that, but it is food for thought.
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