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めぞん一刻のドラマ発信!!! A Maison Ikkoku Drama begins!

めぞん一刻のドラマ発信!!! A Maison Ikkoku Drama begins!

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Hey, hey! Have you heard? My favorite anime of all time, Rumiko Takahashi's Maison Ikkoku, is being made into a TV Drama! The web site is at http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/ikkokukan/. It is being called a special drama, so it will probably be a 2 hour affair. As most Maison Ikkoku otaku know, the last attempt at a live action drama, about 10 years ago, was a total failure, but I am hoping that this time it will be good. There are a lot of famous actresses in the cast. For example, Kyoko Otonashi is being played by Misaki Ito from the 2005 Densha Otoko TV Drama, and Haruka, the Godai's little girl, is being played by Ei Morisako from the Chibi Maruko-chan TV Specials (not the currently running Drama, Maru Maru Chibi Maruko-chan, that is a different actress). It premiers on Sat. May 5th at 9 PM. I reallly want to watch it!
  • Good to see! Hope they do a good job and that we have a chance to see it here in the States.

    • You and me both. I wish I had a Tivo so I could upload it as soon as I watch it, but I am sure someone will and add it to Tokyo Toshokan or Nyaa Torents or something.
  • Hey man

    Have you seen the Densha Otoko movie? Great flick.
    • Re: Hey man

      I haven't yet, but I hear the TV series is much better. I read the translated book, though. It was a fun read.
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