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もうすぐ帰国 Leaving soon


I only have one more week left in Japan. Our four years here are drawing to an end soon. I will miss this place a lot, but I am looking forward to starting a new life in Philadelphia. I will become one-third of a three-person computer company. I am concerned oon if we will succeed or not, but my friend, who will be the president of the company, has the utmost confidence in us, so I think it will be alright.
We will be visiting with family for two weeks before we go to Philadelphia. The last time I was in the US was three years ago, so I am a little nervous about seeing all that has changed. For example, Sigu-tan (my wife) and I have lost about forty-five pounds oon our diet here over the last year, and I read a news report that said sixty-six percent of Americans are overweight, and by 2015 that number will raise to seventy-five percent. So...I am nervous. I will do my best to continue our diet, but... ^^;
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