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Steam or Xbox 360 Friends?

Steam or Xbox 360 Friends?

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Are any of you on the Steam network? Or on Xbox Live?

If so, add me as a friend! I am jumex on Steam (and Audiosurf, which I enjoy greatly) and trevmex on Xbox Live.

See you,



  • Dude, I totally did that like a year ago. And you know what happened? The request timed out because you are one lazy son of a bitch. LOL. I keed, I keed.

    I'll shoot a new request to you when I get home in the morning, or f you want to add me, I'm TricksterGod on XBL.
  • Sent you an Xbox Live friend request. Hope it doesn't time out. :)
  • I'm under "Sid Ceaser" (with a space between Sid and Ceaser)

  • ok, I'll add you on XBL...

    'Team of Deadmen'
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