September 18th, 2002

Job hunting fun

So, still searching for work. I have been looking at non-computer jobs today and I am filling out some applications for Gov't. jobs as well. Who knows what will come of it all.

Signe and I went to visit her Grandma today, since she is visiting from Washington. We went to Fresh Choice, when Signe doesn't like much, but oh well, it was a free meal. We look at expensive stuff at the Stanford Shopping Center as well. There is a really cool music store there called Hear (or something) where you can listen to a lot of the music in the store. Not as cool as Rasputian though. I love the uber-organization of that place.

Well, we got the TV to work. All the cable works. I am afraid to watch it though, since both Signe and I get easily addicted to such things.
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