September 21st, 2002


Well, last night We hung out with Dad for most of the night, which was all right. I mean we had a good time. But...I had a Prime Rib. Now this doesn't sound bad, unless you realize that I haven't had red meat in months.
I started realizing this when Signe and I were over at Judy's place (Kel wasn't there). We hung out there until around 1:30 AM, which was cool. We showed Signe some SpongeBob and saw my Monsters, Inc. Doppelganger (Shut up!).
By the end I was feeling funny, and I got home and I was so sore and weak. I haven't slept very much at all, and I was hot enough to fry and egg on.
Anyway, I think that I will do better today. I just need a little time to shake it off!
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