September 23rd, 2002

Funtastic weekend

So after my whole sick thing I had a good time this weekend. We went to Kel's parent's house and watched "Buckaroo Bansai" the extended version which was totally sweet, and then we talked and played around with Kel's super-hyper dog, which was way fun and cool.

Oh, Steve, Kel really likes Soul Coughing, so she might be able to help you with your music search. I have to admit I liked them when I heard them.

The first FanimeCon 2003 staff meeting was Saturday. It went smoothly. I'll be doing panels again this year. As well as being the second for guest relations. Andrew Tei (from No-Name) is going to be my second this year for panels, so that should be fun.

Sunday, Signe, Mike, Tina and I all rolled D&D characters, so we will be playing with a couple more people pretty soon. I am looking forward to doing that.

Then we went bowling with Judy, and the 2 Daves from the 815. I hadn't been bowling in months, so I didn't do so great, but I at least broke 100 the first game, woohoo!

Well, back to job searching tomorrow, so if anyone can help me out with my job search. I am looking anywhere (but preferably Silicon Valley or Portland, OR) and I will do anything (Tech Support, Programming, Tech Writing, QA, etc.). All help is appreciated.

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