September 24th, 2002

Me and my Benz, representin'

The deal
Ahhhh yeah, my homies! Check out my new Benz! It's a 1993 190E 2.6, V6, CD player, and cool.

We had to get it (I have an interview tomorrow) because the car broke down the last time yesterday and it would have been too much to repair it. ;_;

The rest of the day was sucky though. Signe got sick, I got a tooth ache, there was a power outage for a couple hours when we got home. It has been one thing after the other. We even missed season 7 opening for Buffy. :(

That's not too bad though. I do have an interview tomorrow (in Brisbane, CA 45 miles north of here) for a Customer Support job. I am really hoping for this one, but if I don't get it I am sure other opportunities will arise!

Wish me luck, and as always send me your great connections for the job hunt!
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