October 1st, 2002

Still looking and stuff

Well, the job hunting process continues. I have a job interview (rescheduled for next month) with Sony Playstation, so I have a month to beef up my mad coding skillz. :P

I have been applying everywhere. It seems that craigslist might be a good place, but a lot of people apply there. 195 people applied for a tech. support job within two days time. Total craziness.

Oh well. I'll keep searching until I find something. Anyone have advise, or other types of jobs I could look for besides In 'n Out. :P

Speaking of suggestions. I need a side project to do (for the Palm or otherwise) to get my brain from totally forgetting programming. Can anyone suggest something cool?

Oh, and I started watching Gundam W (thank you Kelly!) the other day. It's pretty cool. I am almost done with Now and Then, Here and There as well. That is a pretty good show.

I started reading my Learn to Play Go books as well. I alternate between that book and the Deitel & Deitel Java book.

Well back to the search for me!
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