October 11th, 2002

And the search goes on!

I am waiting to hear back on an interview I had with RedOctane for a Customer Support job there (don't even ask what it pays...needless to say we would barely be able survive on it). I should hear back from them by Monday.

I have been shooting my resume out to hundreds of employers daily. I get maybe 1 or 2 replies a day, which is pretty good actually.

I've sent off my JET program letters of recommendation and finished my (first draft) of my statement of purpose (if you want to read it, click here, warning: it is an MS Word file). Please suggest things on my SoP, all the help I can get is good. Now all I have to do is get my transcripts and I am done. Woohoo!

Let's see, what else. The first D&D game starts on Sunday (woot!) That will be fun, it has been too long since I last played.

I've been studying a few things too. I found a good website (from an old CS class somewhere) with a great intro to computer graphics that I am going through right now. I am also studying Java, and of course Go. I'm also reading the Self Esteem book Steve bought me too! I think it is (slowly) helping me out.

Until next time!
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