October 14th, 2002

W00t, got a (low-paying part-time) job!

So I got the (low-paying part-time) job at RedOctane as a customer support rep., but I might be doing other stuff as well, like manning our booths at anime conventions, doing HTML, DDR stuff, etc. We will see.

At least it is a job, and as long as I don't make too much, my unemployment is still good so we can survive. I have not stopped looking though. I have an interview with Sony Playstation on Monday, so hopefully that goes over well.

I am finding a lot of people have done the JET program. One of my favorite web comics Sexy Losers (http:/.www.sexylosers.com/ NS4W!!! that is why there is not a link) authors used to be a JET and now is a teacher in Tokyo. So I am asking him for advice, among others.

So, I have DDR to thank for my job. And I have Judy and Kel to thank for helping me become a DDR fiend, as well as my wife (who is one too). ^_^ Woohoo!
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