November 7th, 2002

Good times

So I am sitting at work bored. No biggie though. We got all the email done for today in 2 hours, woohoo!

Tomorrow I have an INS Inspector II written exam to take, it is 4 hours long and starts at 8:30 AM (bleh), but it will be something to do. If I get into a government job that would be great.

The only thing left for my JET application is Elkan's letters of recommendation. I am really excited about that and hope that I can get into the program with Signe for 2003.

I have also emailed a person at the University of Hawaii about their Japanese Studies program there. I thought I might look into studying something I love since I have the world open to me (being poor and everything, making lots of money sorts of restricts your actions).

I think I am becoming more liberal too. I was thinking about what would happen if the Libertarians would win...I am supported by unemployment insurance, without it I couldn't live where I do; I am reliant on public transportation, without it I couldn't get to work; and now that I make less money I am seeing the benefits of taxation for government-funded projects (although the concept of income tax still bugs me). I am looking at some libertarian positions as benefits to the rich and middling people, but ignoring the lower classes (I'm reading Zinn's "The People's History of the United States" as well, that might contribute to my current ideas, that and the libertarian positions on some of the local bills here).
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