October 14th, 2004

10月14日木曜 天気 雲・雨

Today's Kanji
  • Meaning (意味): drink
  • Chinese Reading (音読み): イン
  • Japanese Reading (訓読み):
Vocabulary (単語): 飲食(いんしょく)、飲酒(いんしゅ)、飲用(いんよう)、飲料(いんりょう)、暴飲暴食(ぼういんぼうしょく)

Today's Journal


Today was cold! I was working all day long at the Board of Education because it was a day-off at the Jr. High School. The Jr. High School teachers went to see some exhibition classes at Tonbara Jr. High School. Alicia, the ALT in Tonbara, had an exhibition English class. I wonder how she did... I still have a cold today. I feel really bad. Most of the day I spent writing a blog script.
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