October 24th, 2004

10月23~24日土~日曜日 天気:晴れ 行事:チャレンジサイクリング-広島県尾道市~愛媛県今治市

Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): what, how (many)

Chinese Reading (音読み):
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Japanese Reading (訓読み):
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Today's Journal



First Day
Today was the first day of the Chalenge Cycling event. At 7:20 AM we all gathered together at the roadside dinner near our house. Then all of us, some people from the board of education, myself, and about 30 3rd to 6th graders from town, went to Hiroshima by bus. Once we got there, we chose our bikes. Tomorrow we will go to Shikoku. Tonight we stayed at an old elementary school on Omishima Island. These days the school is a youth hostel called the "Shimanami Kouryuukan." Today we rode about 50 km. I was tired, but we had yaki niku for dinner, so I was very happy.

Second Day
The second day of the Challenge Cycling event went very well. We only went about 34 km, but it was harder. I had some salt ice cream on Hakata Island. It was weird, but tasty. The most difficult place was Oshima Island. On the other islands we we rode on the coast, but on Oshima we had to go through the middle of the island. When we got to Imabari in Ehime we bought some gifts. We went back to Akagi by bus. I two days we went 80 km by bike! I am tired, but it was fun.
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