May 2nd, 2005

City or Country 都会か田舎

Which is better, living in the country or living in the city? I imagine if you live in Iinan you must think that country living is better, but there are good and bad things about both lifestyles. I grew up in a big city, Los Angeles. The big city is good for many reasons. There is always something to do, like going to the movies, hanging out at the mall, going to coffee shops and arcades, etc. When I was a kid, I couldn't imagine anything better than living in a big city. But there are downsides as well. I didn't know my neighbors growing up, I lived far from my school and my friends, I often felt very alone. There was no sense of community where I was, despite all the conveniences of big city living. Now, I live in a small town in the country. I can't go out late at night, the closest movie theater is one and a half hours away, and the coffee shops close at five pm. But despite all that, I like it here. I know my neighbors, I live in a beautiful green forest, and I am surrounded by good people that do their best to make me feel anything but alone. As for which is better, I don't know, but I do know that I like where I live, and I feel lucky to be here.



I feel lucky to live here.
アイ フィール ラッキー トゥ リーブ ヒアー。
Which is better, the country or the city?
ウェッチ イズ ベータ、 ザ カントリー オア ザ シーチ?

Computer Theory 計算機理論

天気: 晴 行事: 赤来中


Journal for 2005-5-2 Mon..
Weather: Sunny Plan: Akagi JHS

I didn't have any work to do today because the students had tests all day. I got a lot of studying done, though. I finished two lessons in my Japanese self-study course. I also continued to study GameBoy Advance programming, Game programming seems interesting. In college we had to learn a lot of mathematics, but when you are doing application programming, you really don't use any of that, but in game programming you get to use a lot of computer theory!

Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): pleasure, music

Chinese Reading (音読み):
Reading Romaji
Japanese Reading (訓読み):
Reading Romaji
Vocabulary (単語):
Word Reading Romaji Translation
楽しむたのしむtanoshimuto enjoy
楽譜がくふgakufumusical score
楽器がっきgakkimusical instrument
楽屋がくやgakuyadressing room
声楽せいがくseigakuvocal music
神楽かぐらkaguraancient Shinto music and dance

Trevor Lalish-Menagh