June 2nd, 2007

the Trev Report 2007-06-01

Hello all and welcome once again to the Trev Report, available online [http://www.trevreport.org/tTRArchives.shtml]. If you are not part of the Trev Report mailing list, please take a moment to sign up by sending an email to trevreport-subscribe@topica.com.
Many big events have happened in the interval since our last correspondence. I hope here to illuminate you on at least a few of these as well as some of the more trivial details as well. So sit back and enjoy, for you are about to enter the Trev Report:

Trev's Love LifeCollapse )
Trev's WorkCollapse )
Trev's Career ChangeCollapse )
Trev and Signe's DietCollapse )
Trev's Traffic AccidentCollapse )
Trev's StudiesCollapse )
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I had about four more sections planned out for this edition, but they are all pretty unimportant, like what movies we have watched lately, etc. So I thought I would spare you the details and send this report off.
I am looking forward to getting your reactions to our big move. We are looking forward to going back to America and starting a new life there. Drop me a line if you have a spare moment.

Take care,