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Those kooky kids

Those kooky kids

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Today's Journal

平成16年11月26日金曜 天気:雨 行事:赤名小


2004-11-26 Fri. Weather: Rainy Plan: Akana Ele.

Today I went to Akana Elementary School. Akana Ele. is the largest elementary school in Akagi, but it only has about 80 kids, so I guess Akagi really is a small town. Everyone was really friendly today. I played tag with the 3rd grade girls at lunch today. I was playing with kids all day from morning to 3 pm, so I was really tired after school. This evening we went to Matt's (the ALT in Kakeya) place to eat dinner and watch movies. It was a good day.

Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): country, nation

Chinese Reading (音読み):
Reading Romaji
Japanese Reading (訓読み):
Reading Romaji
Vocabulary (単語):
Word Reading Romaji Translation
国産こくさんkokusandomestic products
国境こっきょうkokkyounational or state border
入国にゅうこくnyuukokuentry to a country

アニ貴、無料オンラインアニメ専門事典 - 読んで、楽しんで、寄稿して
  • correction.. as u wished

    well, actually ur japanese is pretty good. even though, or of course.. u still sound like foreigner. but i just corrected only deadly errors or senteces which hardly makes me understand.

    Akana Ele. is the largest elementary school in Akagi, but it only has about 80 kids, so I guess Akagi really is a small town
    ***i guess u got wrong translation of the word "large".

    played tag

    thats about it. i found that u composed japanese quite accurately to original english sentences. if its what you are doing, its ok. well i write journal in both language, but mine isnt quite accurate, but only the same main story. try this dictionary site(http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/index.html), if you can understand japanese. here u can see "large" means 大きい but not 多い.
    • Re: correction.. as u wished

      Thank you for the corrections! I knew tag was oni-something. As for 多い you got me there. I translated it wrong.


      • Re: correction.. as u wished

        がんばってね~ん!! my correction.. or my suggestion aint always perfect tho.. :P
  • hi,dude!
    you seem to be earn to learn japanese..thats cool!
    i think your japanese is pretty good!keep it up!
    care if i add you?
    • oops,i mistook "earn" instead of "eager".

    • No, go ahead! I'd be glad. Thanks for the comments!
      • ありがとうございます、これからは日本語でコメントを書きますね。
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