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Some like it HOT!

Some like it HOT!

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Today's Journal

平成16年12月2日木曜 天気:晴れ 行事:赤来中


2004-12-2 Thurs. Weather: Sunny Plan: Akagi JHS

This morning was cold! Winter has come! I started writing the article for this month's Akagi town communique. The theme is "The Importance of Physical Education." The 9th grade class was fun. We did another English conversation in a funny voice. I was really happy beacause the students did funny voices too! I prepared the 7th graders speaking test today. Good luck, 7th graders! After school, an employee of the JA Unnan Company asked me for a favor. He wants to buy some Red Savina Habanero Peppers, the hottest in the world, as a gift for a company he is visiting this month from an English website, BUT he doesn't know any English at all. So, he wants me to buy them for him. It is a little annoying, but I said, "OK."

Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): three

Chinese Reading (音読み):
Reading Romaji
Japanese Reading (訓読み):
Reading Romaji
Vocabulary (単語):
Word Reading Romaji Translation
三回さんかいsankaithree times
三人さんにんsanninthree people
三時さんじsanjithree o'clock
三振さんしんsanshinstrike out
再三さいさんsaisanagin and again
三味線しゃみせんshamisenthree-stringed Japanese guitar

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