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8th grade date!

8th grade date!

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Today's Journal

平成16年12月9日木曜 天気:晴 行事:赤来中


2004-12-9 Thu. Weather: Sunny Plan: Akagi JHS

I taught my favorite 9th grade master course today. The theme of our conversation was "hobbies." They translated my short essay and afterwards answered a few questions. All 4 students answered very well. We has a skit contest in the 8th grade class! Groups of 4 or 5 performed 3 or 4 minute skits in English! We recorded it with a camcorder. The most interesting skit was with Shun Myoken and Azumi Miyazaki going on a date! It is rare to see girls and boys openly share their feelings together, since this is junior high and all, but the super energetic 8th graders aren't shy!

Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): seven

Chinese Reading (音読み):
Reading Romaji
Japanese Reading (訓読み):
Reading Romaji
Vocabulary (単語):
Word Reading Romaji Translation
七五三しちごさんshichigosanFestival held for children at ages 3, 5 and 7
七福神しちふくじんshichigukujinThe Seven Lucky Gods (Chinese Myth)
七宝しっぽうshippouthe seven treasures (gold, silver, pearls, agate, crystal, coral, lapis lazuli)
七日なのか・なぬかnanoka/nanuka7th day of the month

アニ貴、無料オンラインアニメ専門事典 - 読んで、楽しんで、寄稿して
  • 訳した。あとで~ "they translated. After that~"
    訳したあとで~ "they translated then/and/after that~(asked a few questions)"
    it just devides the sentence in 2.

    'there is~' and 'it is~', we always are taught that we do not need to translate the first 'there is' and 'it is' into japanese. e.g. 'there is a man walking' = '(あそこに)歩いている男の人がいます' ..it is not wrong but sounds a bit.. weird in japanese if we say あそこに at the first of the sentence. so teachers say that dont translate 'there is' into japanese. wot happens vice versa?? :P

    this is better. :D you can combine those 2 sentences.. just like the first example you questioned. '生徒は4,5人でグループを作り、1グループずつ英語で短い劇を披露(発表)した'

    it is my plreasure to take a look at your japanese and give some corrections, if you dont mind my poor translation. :P i think i like teaching even though i need a lot more to learn..(i actually do hav an english teacher lisence.) and, here in LJ, there are not many japanese ppl, if there are some, they wont speak both language fluently at least fairly. and most of them seems not willing to help ppl like you.. and those ppl definately need some help from natvie speakers, not from ppl who just speak japanese very well. even im not an expert of the language.. hehe. maybe you can look at my journal and give some correction if theres any.. well, ive been lazy writing in english lately! :P wish i could do this more often to you. :( just not much time i have, sorry. m(_ _)m
    • You are a great teacher! Your English is great, don't feel bad about it. I am always very happy when you correct me. It is very helpful. Thank you for the advice. Haz-sensei!
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