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One more bling bling day

One more bling bling day

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Well, today came and went, uneventful like. I have another interview next week. This time with Sony Playstation in Foster City, so hopefully that goes well.

Signe and I are looking into places in Japan to apply for on the JET program as well, since the job market is looking bleak these days for me.

I hung out with Judy today and made her D&D character for our campaign, she will be a human ranger, which will fit in quite nicely. We also watched the first episode of Vampire Princess Miyu OVA, good stuff.

Tomorrow evening we will be visiting Tras and Lisa, so that will be really fun! Showing off the new car!
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    • Re: Arrrrrrrrr!

      Shiver me timbers, little lady, of course ye can be a pirate! Ah-gagagagaga!
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    • Re: Holy Trevor Livejournal, Batman!

      Yoyo Evil Colin!!!

      How are you doing these days? I see that you are liking the JET program. Have any tips about getting into the program (I still need people to do my letter of recommendations, you game?).

      So why did Casim leave?
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