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Still looking and stuff

Still looking and stuff

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Well, the job hunting process continues. I have a job interview (rescheduled for next month) with Sony Playstation, so I have a month to beef up my mad coding skillz. :P

I have been applying everywhere. It seems that craigslist might be a good place, but a lot of people apply there. 195 people applied for a tech. support job within two days time. Total craziness.

Oh well. I'll keep searching until I find something. Anyone have advise, or other types of jobs I could look for besides In 'n Out. :P

Speaking of suggestions. I need a side project to do (for the Palm or otherwise) to get my brain from totally forgetting programming. Can anyone suggest something cool?

Oh, and I started watching Gundam W (thank you Kelly!) the other day. It's pretty cool. I am almost done with Now and Then, Here and There as well. That is a pretty good show.

I started reading my Learn to Play Go books as well. I alternate between that book and the Deitel & Deitel Java book.

Well back to the search for me!
  • Good luck wiff thee job hunting.
    Mebbe you should go back to school like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 8)~

    Side Projects.
    Something Fanime-related for the Palm?
    Or a game?
    A tie in with Go?
  • (no subject) -
    • Hmm, Fanime-related, huh? I'll think about that. :)

      Yeah Nadeshiko rocks!!! It is such a good show, up there with Tylor, in my opinion.

      NTHT is somewhat depressing, but I am loving it. The animation is great, and it really is powerful in a disturbing sort of way. I am surprised it was on television actually (poor Sara). I'd recommend it.
  • maybe with your mad ninja programming skillz, you can ask if Matt can hook you up with a friend of his. hm, or would you mind doing customer service work? my sister's boot company may be hiring. i can ask her for you if you like. just let me know. ganbatte ne!

    i was also thinking about joining the JET program, but i somehow doubt i would qualify. i'd like to spend a vacation there first though before deciding. but i'm seriously thinking of moving to Oregon now.... super cheap rent!
    • As long as you have a college degree you can apply for the JET program. The chances are pretty good that you will be accepted too!

      Please contact everyone you know about any type of job! I am in serious need of money!

      Yeah!!! Move to Oregon with us, that would be sweet, I'd love to have more friends up there when we eventually move.
      • Re:

        hehe. it wouldn't be a permanent move though. and me going to japan may just be an excursion to find a rock star husband. ^_- [or maybe i'll get lucky and do that here. j/k]

        the problem with JET is that i haven't really graduated yet; i lied. oops.

        Fruits Basket rawks!
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