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Getting there...

Getting there...

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天気: 雨・晴 行事: 松江→三次→名古屋→成田→グアム→パラオのコロール



Journal for 2004-12-23 to 24 Thu. to Fri.
Weather: Rainy then Sunny Plan: Matsue→Miyoshi→Nagoya→Narita→Guam→Koror, Palau

A really really really bad thing happened today. But, the first part was good. After having breakfast at the Year-end party, we went to the Deo Deo Electronics Store to pick up the Waterproof Case we ordered. We also bought other stuff for the camera. When we went back to Akagi, we finished preparing for the trip. We thought we had bus ticket to Tokyo for about 10 PM but, our bus tickets said 20 (not 10, 20 is 8 PM)!! The Miyoshi Station employee and Naoko Kodama thought about the problem for a while. We planned to take the 11 PM bus to Nagoya and tomorrow fly to Narita, getting there at 8:20 AM.

<The Next Day>
This morning, we took the fastest taxi we could get from the Nagoya station to the airport. We made it in time to get on the plane to Narita! We didn't have any problems at Narita. At 11:05 AM, we boarded the plane to Guam. In Guam, we ate at the American Food Court and waited for many hours for the next plane. At 7:40 PM we boarded the plane to Koror, Palau. This evening when we arrived in Palau, someone from the hotel presented us with real Leis! It is a little hot here, like Japan in summer. I can't believe we actually made it. Let's have fun starting tomorrow!

Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): little

Chinese Reading (音読み):
Reading Romaji
Japanese Reading (訓読み):
Reading Romaji
Vocabulary (単語):
Word Reading Romaji Translation
少年しょうねんshounenyoung man
少女しょうじょshoujoyoung woman
少々しょうしょうshoushoujust a minute
少量しょうりょうshouryousmall dose
多少たしょうtashoumore or less

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