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Welcome Back Kotter!

Welcome Back Kotter!

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天気: 晴~雲~雪 行事: カープ島→コロール→東京→三次→飯南


Journal for 2005-1-6 to 8 Thu. To Sat.
Weather: Sunny then Cloudy then Snowy Plan: Carp Island→Koror→Tokyo→Miyoshi→Iinan

Today was our last day at Carp Island. The staff here was really kind. The Japanese practice was helpful, too. We spent most of the day shopping in Koror. Palau's most famous souvenir is a carved piece of wood called a storyboard, with a tale carved on it. It's funny, but the best storyboards come from the inmates in the prison. So, we bought one entitled "The Two Lovers and the Cycle of the Turtle" made by an inmate named Victor. :)
We returned to Japan this morning. We made a stopover in Yap. The Yapanese wore these crowns made of lots of flowers. We don't know why, but they were pretty. We were given a couple. In the afternoon we went shopping in Tokyo. We bought new scarves and stuff for the computer, and watched all the interesting Tokyo people. We saw a fight at the station! My right foot was hurting, but I don't know why... This evening we returned to Miyoshi.
Wow! I'm back!! Naoko picked us up and took us back to Iinan. Iinan is the new name of Akagi and Tonbara since the towns merged. Thank you for all your help, Naoko. When we got home we didn't do anything special. Watched some Stargate SG-1 and had an afternoon nap. We had to buy some food, but after that we just relaxed. I start work again on Tuesday, so this weekend I really just want to relax. :)

Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): human being

Chinese Reading (音読み):
Reading Romaji
Japanese Reading (訓読み):
Reading Romaji
Vocabulary (単語):
Word Reading Romaji Translation
ひとhitohuman being
人為じんいjin’ihuman work
人権じんけんjinkenhuman rights
人身事故じんしんじこjinshinjikotraffic accident resulting in personal injury or death

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