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Galactic Pharmacy

Galactic Pharmacy

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天気: 晴 行事: 赤来中


Journal for 2005-3-9 Wed.
Weather: Sunny Plan: Akagi JHS

Even though I had a cold today, it turned out to be a good day. Nothing really special happened, but there were no problems in class and all the teachers and kids seemed happy all day. This week the 7th graders have a reading test, so in the 7th grade elective English class we practiced reading the passage they will read. The 9th graders were practicing for their graduation and cleaning the 2nd floor (which is for the 9th graders only) all day long.
In my free time I was searching the net for science fiction stories written by Japanese people and I found "Galactic Pharmacy." I haven't read it yet, but it looks interesting.

Today's Kanji
Meaning (意味): mother

Chinese Reading (音読み):
Reading Romaji
Japanese Reading (訓読み):
Reading Romaji
Vocabulary (単語):
Word Reading Romaji Translation
母国ぼこくbokokuone's mother country
母校ぼこうbokoualma mater
父母ふぼfubofather and mother
保母ほぼhoboday-care worker in a kindergarten, nursery school, etc.
乳母うばubawet nurse

Trevor Lalish-Menagh
  • there were no problems in class
    問題なく授業ができた(i could do class without problems)

    elective English class
    選択英語(洗濯 was just a typo :))

    cleaning the 2nd floor (which is for the 9th graders only)
    3年生だけ2階をそうじしていた(2階でそうじ=to clean at 2nd floor // 2階をそうじ=to clean 2nd floor ..i hope u get the difference.)

    ..and one more thing, your japanese text is pretty good yet, better to have the same type of speech as ~です/ます form. in order to do that, use けれど instead of ~が which means 'but'. then itll sound better. :)
    In my free time

    I found
    見つけた (not 見つけていた thatll be 'i was finding')

    I haven't read it yet
    まだ読んだことがない (まだ読まない goes like.. i wouldn't read it soon(but i will later).. i assume that you just have haerd of the book but haven't read yet, right? if you already hired the book then you may use まだ読まない.. hard to explain.. :( )
    • HazTak! Thank you for reading and checking my post. It is very easy to understand your explainations. They help me quite a bit. I am forever in your debt!
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