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One-Point Eikaiwa Video

One-Point Eikaiwa Video

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One-Point English Conversation Class
with Trevor Lalish-Menagh and Ryoko Kawashima

Every month I live in the small mountain town of Iinan in Shimane, Japan I have to host an English Conversation TV Show that is shown in the county I live in.

Most of the 20 minute show is Ryoko and I talking to each other in Japanese, but every show has a 2-3 minute English skit. At One-Point English Conversation Class there are a few of said skits. Please download and enjoy!

WARNING: That is some really BAD acting. This is what happened when people like me get to play in front of a camera.





  • Nothing could ever compare to you in a toga playing Caesar for Ms. Bacon's English class.
  • Trev is a television star! XD
    • It is really weird that people around here know me from the show. Starting next month it is being picked up in the city next to our's as well. Weird.
  • Someone give that man an Oscar! I loved the one with the stolen purse.
    • Thanks! They are really fun to do. Ms. Kawashima is leaving soon though, so I don't know who my new host will be. Let's hope they are good!
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