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A Working Man I am!

A Working Man I am!

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Well, I'm working at RedOctane now. The job itself is WAY easy. Answer email, cut and paste text, process returned products. Most of the work could be executed easily with a well-programmed script. If I end up staying here for a while, I just might write one.

I've been hearing from some other companies as well and I have some interviews set-up in the upcoming weeks with them. Hopefully they go well; I need to beef-up on my programming skills though before then.

I still have to order my transcripts from WSU for the JET program, but I think I will wait until we get paid this month to do that.

My bosses from FanimeCon (SanctusReign and karkajou) just broke up today. That is a bummer. But in good news, Kelly is almost done with her Dragonslayer costume for YaoiCon! W00t!

Oh, I just started recording G Gundam today too, that show is...um, interesting. I will have to watch it all before I pass judgment, although the mech design (same as Giant Robo, thank you Brian and Scott for showing me the coolness of Giant Robo!!!) is pretty cool.

I brought home some returned DDR pads from work. My boss said I could have the returns for free. Both the one I brought home have arrows (namely the top and left) that sometimes stick, which sucks. I am determined to find working ones though so Judy, Kelly, Signe, and I can have new pads! The quest continues!
  • I don't mean to be offensive, but... I'm too tired to avoid it.

    The very concept of YaoiCon scares me. That you know somebody who is going to it/one scares me a little more. I don't have anything else to say
    • Hell, I know the people orginizing it. It has a pretty good turn out for being such a nitch market. Having it in San Francisco helps though, the gay community there increases attendance.
  • Congratulations on the income.
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