trv (trevmex) wrote,

On Community 近所について


I imagine that there are neighborhood associations in small town America. A lot of my friends are in neighborhood associations...I say a lot, but actually only one of my friends is in one! I grew up in the big city. America, especially in the big cities, is suffering from a problem called "civic apathy." Robert D. Putnam talks about this in his book, "Bowling Alone." "Civic apathy" is what is coming of less and less people getting together with their neighbors, and other people in general. The title of the book, "Bowling Alone," is referring to the fact that even though bowling is a popular team sport in America, more and more people are bowling by themselves these days. Doing things that should be in a group all by themselves. But that is only one example of how Americans are getting together less and less. Since the invent of things like television and the Internet, it has become increasingly easy to ignore the people right next to us. I believe that metropolitan Japan might be suffering this problem as well, but it is tough to see in the Japanese countryside. Since moving to the Japanese countryside, I have noticed that neighbors talk with each other, lots of people go to neighborhood events, and everyone always takes the time to say a friendly hello. If we city folk take a lesson from these fine country ways, we might just be able to improve our lives.

Trevor Lalish-Menagh 
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