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Two interviews and a bunch o' Buffy!

Two interviews and a bunch o' Buffy!

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So this week I had two interviews, one with Sony Computer Entertainment America for an applications programming position doing cool stuff like email clients for the PS2, etc. It looks like a very cool job, great people, fun projects, and amazing benefits.

The next interview I had was today with Good Technologies, who make a wireless email device a lot like the RIM Blackberry, but better. They are looking for Palm App. Engineers, and they found me on Dice and called me in. I really liked this company too. It is medium-sized and the people in the team I will be working with are all really nice.

My first week at RedOctane has gone well. The job is really easy (answering email, taking phone calls, etc.) but the people are cool, and it is a pretty relaxing environment. I felt ashamed working there at first (Signe showed up and I was embarrassed to show her where I worked), but now I have come to accept it, and I don't feel bad working there anymore.

The RedOctane Ignition 2.0 pads are really great to play DDR with too! I highly recommend them to any Dance Dance Revolution fans out there.

Well, that's about it, except Signe and I have been watching a lot of Buffy lately. Fun stuff! W00t!
  • Financial security is a worthwhile endeavor, working part time at a "sub-career" job until you can get yourself back where you belong is responsible behavior. Responsibility is not something to be ashamed of. Crap, if I lost my job now, and ended up working in Food Service to maintain my living situation I wouldn't even be embarassed about THAT.

    What looks worse, being an out-of-work software engineer who can't feed himself, or being a food-service employee who is qualified for something a lot better? Qualifications don't go away, but money does.
    • You have an awesome point. I am not ashamed of where I work. It is good money and the people there are great. (and free DDR stuff! W00t!)
  • All the muckity mucks at work use Good Technology Rims. (and it's always a struggle for me to avoid making Rim job jokes) They seem to like them.

    I told you you were a good programmer who had qualifications that employers would want. When you go into the interview, make sure they know that you're the most badass palm programmer [lech] ever.
    • I'm the BEST palm programmer [lech] ever! I practice daily [lech], and all my programs compile [lech].

      Wow! Your company uses Good, too cool. Yeah they look like cool devices and better than the Blackberries [lech]!
      • Re:

        The makers of our Asset Accounting software is Best. I frequently confuse them for Good, even they are clearly much better.
  • Hey man

    I know just how you feel. I'm ashamed to admit that I work at AOL, so I keep hoping something better is going to come quickly. Hang in there!!
    • Re: Hey man

      There is nothing wrong with working for AOL, hell you got a job way before I did.
      What have you been up to? Have you seen the American version of "The Ring" yet? It creeped me out, but now I want to see the first movie (and at least Ring 0) in Japanese. Are they as creepy as they say?
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