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Can't see the forest for the trees 灯台下暗い

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Shimane Prefecture has many famous places. People interested in traditional Japanese culture find Shimane a very interesting place. Most Japanese people don't even know where Shimane is, but everyone in Japan knows the most famous Shinto shrine in our prefecture. It is called Izumo Taisha. Izumo Taisha is the oldest Shinto shrine in Japan. Every year in November all the 8 million gods of Japan gather for the Kamiarizuki festival. The god Okuninushi is enshrined there. Okuninushi is known to grant happiness, especially in marriage, so many couples go to pray there. In a normal shrine you clap your hands twice to pray, but at Izumo Taisha you clap you hands four times. Two times for yourself, and two times for your partner.
Shimane has more than just Izumo Taisha, though. There are many interesting places. For example, in the same town as the shrine, Taisha, there is the tallest lighthouse in the Orient, Hinomisaki Lighthouse. This 43.65 meter tall lighthouse was completed in 1903. The view from the top is amazing and it seems as if you could see forever into the Sea of Japan.
So, the next time you are planning a vacation, consider the beautiful nature, and magnificent culture of Shimane.
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