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the Trev Report (10/27/2002)

Hello all you pervy hobit-fanciers
( and welcome once again to your
monthly Trev Report: everything about Trev in the last
month or so.

Trev's Lovelife
Signe and I are doing great, we just came back from a great
Halloween party at our friend's, Cordelia and Kelly's,
place. It was great fun. Signe and I dressed up as a goth
couple, so it was fun. Our friends Judy and Kelly
( were hobbits for Lord of
the Rings, complete with foot hair! Woohoo!
We both had a great time. Things are going swimmingly right
now. Despite the lack of money issues that are always hard
on relationships, we are doing OK.

Trev's Job
W00t! I got a (low-paying part-time) job at a game
accessories company called RedOctane
( 2 weeks ago. It isn't the best
job in the universe (doing customer support) but the people
are great and the work is easy.
They make Dance Dance Revolution (
products, so we now have some really cool pads at home to
play with.
I am still looking for a good paying programming job
though, as well. Last week I had interviews with Sony
Computer Entertainment America
( and Good Technologies
( which both went well. I don't know
if I will get the jobs or not since the competition is
stiff, but I felt good coming out of the interviews.

Trev's Anime
FanimeCon is going well. We got a new guest! Akitaroh
l) who directs so many good shows, it's amazing! Andrew Tei
from No-Name Anime (
has decided to help me with panels this year too, I think
that will be great.
No-Name is going great, as always. I love this club; it is
always laid back and fun to go to. All the guys are great
and we always have a good time.
On the anime-watching front, I have gotten through Gundam
Wing (which I actually liked), Now and Then, Here and There
(which is a great yet depressing show), Jubei-Chan, and I
am currently watching Tenchi in Tokyo. My 1337 anime-
watching skillz are slacking. I haven't watched any
bleeding edge stuff in a long time, even though I have a
bunch of cool stuff Robert is letting me barrow.

Trev's DDR
Like I said before the RedOctane pads we got are great. At
the party last night Signe and I met this guy that goes to
the Sunnyvale Golfland (SVGL) to play DDR all the time,
that is, like, the happening place for DDR stuff in the
South Bay, I guess. Everyone goes there.
Signe and I are getting way better. I have just started
working on Maniac songs and have tried out a little bit of
the double tracks (using both pads), which is hard stuff! I
am working on doing well on 7-foot songs now.

trv no go
Still chugging along on (my username is
jumex) playing Go, which is way fun. I have been taking out
the Go board lately as well and working though some
problems in my learn to play Go books as well as trying
some of the problems at as well, fun stuff!

Trev's Computers
Everything is A-OK on the computer front. I haven't had any
problems, although I can't get DDR 5th Mix to play on my
modded PSX, which sucks, but oh well. I am looking to buy a
PS to PC convertor for my DDR pads so I can play Dance With
Intensity ( on my PC, which is
REALLY cool! You can basically get all the songs from all
the mixes on your computer and play them! Woohoo!

Trev's Car
The car (1993 Benz 190E 2.6) is running great. We need to
go get it turned up, but besides that it is running

Trev's D&D
Mike Chu and I are running a D&D campaign with a bunch of
friends (including Signe!) and it is going really well. I
am the cleric for the party, so I mostly heal the hell out
of people, except that last adventure I ended up being
smitten verily by a big ugly thing, so that sucked. We are
currently is an old mine trying to rescue some kidnapped
mine workers. It's fun stuff, woohoo! I will keep you all
updated as the adventure continues.

That is about it for this month's Trev Report. If you want
even more up to the minute E/N spam about me, check out, it is chocked
full of trevy goodness!

See you next time!

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