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In need of DDR Icon!

In need of DDR Icon!

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So, I really want a "Rage" (a character from DDR) icon for LJ now! Somebody help me find a pic!

I have joined the DDR community here at LJ, it is really cool. I want to find more k-rad communities here, any suggestions? (I can't believe I am getting into this).

Work is busy, but I it is fun and the people I work with are really cool. (and I am playing GigaWing everyday after I finish working, w00t!)
  • We are sucking you in!
    Muahahahahahahaahahahaah (tm)!
  • Woo hoo

    Ok, this doesn't have anything to do with DDR but have you ever seen Sukeban Deka? It's a live action TV show and also a few movies that were very popular in the 80's in Nihon. Sukeban Deka is about a team of Japanese High School girls that battle Yakuza and other J-heavies. The girls fight back using the standard jujitsu, akido, and karate moves but they also have fun weapons such as a yo yo of death. The yo yo opens up to accommodate 3 chambers for bullets so the yo yo can kill! Anyway I have 2 movies on tape with the most popular actress for the series. Do you want a copy?
    • Re: Woo hoo

      Sure man! I'd love copies of that. You know they also made an anime out of Sukeban Deka as well. I think it was 2 or 3 OVAs in the late 80's/early 90's.
  • Ninja Test!!

    Find your Ninja Personality by taking this test from Stephen K. Hayes as handed down through the ages by Togakure ryu clan of deadly ninjas.
    Here are the Ninja questions.
    Example One:
    You are at a ball game or crowded public park. Some distance from you, a group of drunks are carrying on. They are in their own world, having fun. Even though they are a bit noisy, they are not physically interfering with or harming anyone. From the different centers of influence, you typical response might be:
    A) you endure. you do not even notice the drunks, or you tune them out of your consciousness and ignore them. It does not affect you.
    B) you react. You find them offensive to you and confront them, call the authorities, or get up and go somewhere else. It is annoying.
    C) you enjoy. You find them amusing. You watch the "street show" and see humor in the total picture-the actions of the drunks, the reactions of the people around them. It is hilarious.
    D) you contemplate. You feel good because they are enjoying themselves, but you are concerned that they might harm themselves or make others uncomfortable. With a smile, you wonder to yourself why some people have to get drunk before they can enjoy life with child-like abandon. It is touching.

    Example Two
    You have won the lottery. Under the influence of the different elemental levels, your reactions might be:
    A) You pay off all of your debts and put the money in the bank. It does not affect your lifestyle.
    B) You quit your job to travel, and do all the things you have always wanted to experience.
    C) You build a dream house, and turn your hobby into a business.
    D) You set up trust funds for your family, and invest the rest of the money where it will be of benefit to society.

    Example Three
    You are deciding which film to see. The strengths of the various centers might prompt you to select:
    A) a documentary or war story
    B) An erotic film or an adventure
    C) A comedy or musical
    D) A love story or drama

    Example Four
    Your primary outlook on why you work at your particular job reflects
    A) You have to make a living in order to have food and shelter.
    B) It is a means to having a lot of money, and all the possessions and experiences you want.
    C) You enjoy the activity so much that you cannot imagine doing anything else, regardless or remuneration.
    D) You feel that your role is to serve others and better your world, and your job is your contribution.

    More ninja questions later. Please send me your answers ASAP and I will determine your Ninja Personality.
    BTW, the book has several pics of Himeji Jo with Ninjas standing around. Great book for any Japan experience.
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