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Wrapping No-Name X-mas presents!

Oh my god, I totally want this!. That cover is what got me into Melanie Rawn in the first place (Michael Whelan rocks!).

Today the No-Name guys and I are getting together to wrap X-mas presents for this year's X-mas party next Saturday, so that should be fun. When I get back I think that I will hang out with Judy and Kel for a while too, maybe them, Signe and I could watch Angel together this week. Woohoo!

there was a Fanime staff meeting yesterday that went well. This week I am going to start contacting potential American guests and inviting them to the convention. Hopefully we will be able to get a theme going, like Fruits Basket VAs, or Tenchi VAs, etc. We will see. Andrew Tei and I are also going to start talking with fan panelists as well and setting up the panels schedule.

The job is going well. The JET applications are almost complete. No word back from companies I have interviewed with in the last 3 weeks. Just got A's on Afronova and Paranoia 180, woohoo! I am looking at towns in NW Oregon as well, for future settling down in (a long way down the road), Astoria looks cool. Hmm, maybe I will start doing the eBay thing again to bring in some extra money. We will see. See you all later! (Bling bling! :P)
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