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Another day, another..no wait I'm out of a job...

Another day, another..no wait I'm out of a job...

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Arg! It's annoying being out of work sometimes. I spent most of the day searching the web for "entry level" jobs.

I just found out the reason that I didn't get the Palm job is because they don't think I'm a good enough programmer. That's the same thing that iambic said too. I am very downtrodden about the entire thing.

I think that I will start looking for Tech Support and QA positions. I thought that I was a rather decent programmer, but time and time again I am told otherwise. I think I need to find a programming project to work on while I am job hunting to help improve my skills. Any suggestions?

Well, I just have to continue on. Hopefully I will be able to find something soon.
  • Trevbo, sorry and good luck on your job hunt. I'm you've got skillz, and it's also nice that you're considering improving them even more.
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    • It's all good. Thanks for the mental support. You and Judy rockzor!
      • Well, what my brother has discovered in his job hunt, isn't that he isn't qualified, but employers have now been developing unrealistic expectations…. Since *everyone* is out of work, employers can now get the best in the business (10+ years, masters, awards, etc) to fill their mid-level jobs…. and those programmers are desperate enough for work that they will take these jobs that are far beneath them, both in challenge and money. Which means the people that are best suited for the jobs are left out in the cold. My brother has stated time and time again, that there is no way to compete with that….I'm sure you are an absolutely amazing programmer, though!!!

        Maybe you can give yourself a deadline… that if you haven't found a programming job by X date, you will get at QA job (and maybe do night classes towards a masters degree??? something to put on the resume?) and wait out this tech downturn…. the venture capital will come back, and you will be able to find a job again….

        Oh, Kel and I found you in cartoon form yesterday :)
        • Yeah, that is sort of what I am doing. I'm currently looking for non-programming jobs just to be able to work somewhere, while I improve my skills.

          So tell me, what is my cartoon form. :)
  • Didn't you pretty much single-handedly design the most popular palm datebook and word processor?

    I don't think the issue is lack of skills. It's lack of ability to sell yourself. It doesn't matter how good a programmer is, you'll get a job based on how good a programmer you can convince people you are. These two things aren't all that related, which sucks, but that's the way reality is.

    I suspect that when you interview, you're saying all sorts of self-deprecating things, like "I haven't done this in a while," or "I should work in my skills in [x]." Of course they're not going to hire you if you say that. You have to convince them that you're a badass.

    I think if your goal is to get a job, rather than learning more programming skills, you should learn how to sell yourself. That will be more more helpful. Once you get the job, you can pick up any programming you need while you work.

    (Note to people who might flame me: This is only true if Trev's goal is simply to get a job. There are plenty of other goals he might have where improving his programming skillz would be more important.)

    (Second note: Of course pretending to be a bad ass when you're completely incompetent is stupid and bad. But Trevor is not incompetent. So he needs to work on showing off himself to employers, rather than developing mad wicked skillz that potential employers will continue to be unaware of.
    • I completely agree. Think bravado. Think "I'm a badass" before every interview. Stand up a little bit straighter. I know that not having a job has been depressing, but you can't have a potential employer thinking you've been crying into your Cheerios every morning.
  • #include< sympathy.h >

    void main(void) {
    printf("Stupid employers. Good luck with the job hunt.\n\r");
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